* Only playing the main show, not the EXTRA portion.

The show premieres/previews weekly on Saturday night at 10pm EST on

Where & When You Can Hear The Show

(click the station logo for their website)

LD Radio plays the show at random times, and we cannot tell you exactly when you can hear it on their station.


4am - My Radio.rocks
6am - Radio-Wizz Music
12pm - Tripl3 Troubl3 Radio
4pm - My Radio.rocks
6pm - Retrosounds Radio
9pm - B2 Internet Radio

10pm - The Shark (new show premiere)

All Times Eastern


1am - HeatFM Radio
12pm - LA Rocks Radio*
1pm - Rockcast Radio
2pm - Tweacle Radio
8pm - Guitar God Radio

8pm - Cujo's Crypt

All Times Eastern


12pm - The Shark
8pm - FM 7 The Drive

All Times Eastern

5am - Rockcast Radio
8am - My Radio.Rocks
5pm - The Shark
6pm - Hard Rock Radio
6pm - Savage Radio

6pm - Tomorrow Radio

7pm - Vacation Radio 365 - The Wave

8pm - Kent's Krypt

9pm - Rockcast Radio


All Times Eastern


All Times Eastern

2am - The Shark

12pm - Radio Diabolus

8pm - FM 7 The Drive

8pm - Guitar God Radio

8pm - Cujo's Crypt


2pm - Cruise FM
8pm - The Manamal Metal Radio
9pm - United As 1 Radio
10pm - Retrosounds Radio
10pm - Savage Radio

All Times Eastern


12am - Rockcast Radio

1pm - CanAm Radio

2pm - Chippenham FM

8pm - Sound Machine Radio

8pm - Ripper Radio

9pm - Hard Rock Radio

11pm - Slick Willy Radio

All Times Eastern

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