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We now host our very own "radio" station where you can listen to previously aired episodes of Back To The Arena.  It's playing 24/7 so whenever you need some hair metal and melodic rock... we got you covered on Back To The Arena Radio !

Back To The Arena Radio

Tune in for EXCLUSIVE interviews each week!


 New    Show:

Back To The Arena is a free syndicated program that relies on sponsors and listener donations to stay on the air.
If you enjoy the show, please consider making a donation.  Every little bit helps keep the rock on the air. Thank you!


Our show is now a weekly 2 Hour rock show hosted by DCtheDJ.The first 90 minutes is the regular show, and the final 30 minutes will be Back To The Arena EXTRA with extra rock... Because we all need more rock!

We play the sound of hair metal.  You may call it Glam Metal, AOR, Melodic Rock or just good old Rock And Roll... we play everything from the glory days of hair metal like Poison, Motley Crue, Twisted Sister, Ratt, Cinderella, Def Leppard and more.... but that's not all.  We also play the newer stuff from bands like Tokyo Motor Fist, Revolution Saints, Wildness, Atlas, One Desire, Creye and more!

You can even hear exclusive conversation with the artists that only Back To The Arena can bring you!

We can be heard worldwide on great stations all over the globe... Check out our Listen page for a list of our friends airing the show!

That 80's style rock sound is still going strong.  And it's on Back To The Arena!

Aired the week of Nov 14-20

Airing the week of Nov 21 - 27